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Colchicine is associated with lower cardiovascular morbidity in gout

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Objective. This exploratory study aimes at comparing Romanian gout patients with or without colchicine treatment in order to determine if colchicine is associated with a lower cardiovascular morbidity.
Methods. The study was cross-sectionally designed to include all the patients randomly admitted to the hospital between January and July 2015 and discharged with a diagnosis of idiopathic gout according to their attending physicians. The clinical observation sheets served as retrospective sources of information regarding study variables (demographics, addictive behavior, gout phenotype and treatment, cardiovascular morbidity). Data analysis included non-parametric tests and binary logistic regressions (significant if p < 0.05).
Results. The sample included 96 subjects, predominantly men (77.1%), with a mean age of 62.7 years. 60 (62.5%) subjects received colchicine. Compared to patients who didn‘t receive colchicine, they had a significantly lower prevalence of ischemic heart disease, chronic heart failure and atherosclerosis (p < 0.05). Colchicine was a significant protective factor for atherosclerosis (OR = 0.243; 95% CI: 0.076-0.784).
Conclusions. Primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention may benefit from low doses of colchicine. Further prospective blind randomized clinical trials are needed to test these hypotheses.

Keywords: colchicine, atherosclerosis, chronic heart failure, gout

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